Pleroma, LitePub, ActivityPub and JSON-LD

Nov 12, 2018
A lot of people make assumptions about my position on whether or not JSON-LD is actually good or not. The reality is that my view is more nuanced than that: there are great uses for JSON-LD, but it’s not appropriate in the scenario it is used in ActivityPub. What is JSON-LD anyway?

Do not use or provide DH-AES or DH-BLOWFISH for SASL/IAL authentication

Dec 26, 2014
Atheme 7.2 dropped support for the DH-AES and DH-BLOWFISH mechanisms. This was for very good reason. At the time that DH-BLOWFISH was created, IRC was a very different placeā€¦ SSL was not ubiquitous, and it was thought that having some lightweight encryption on the authentication exchange might be useful, without opening services to a DoS vector.