Let’s work together!

Do you have a hard problem relating to free software to solve? As a generalist, I have spent decades honing a wide variety of technical skills and connections in the free software world, which may be useful to solving your problems.

Why should you work with me?

Whether your need is bespoke software development, help with licensing compliance, analysis of project risks and available options, deeply understanding the technical landscape relating to your project, negotiating with project maintainers or getting your work upstreamed, I believe my skills and connections can help you get the job done.

Concept to production engineering

Every project is different with unique requirements. Over my 15 years of experience working in free software, I have built robust software and infrastructure using concepts and techniques that were considered novel at the time, which we now take for granted.

For example, I was one of the first engineers in the server hosting industry to combine virtualization with SAN for high availability, at a time when Amazon was the only other provider doing it, and I did it with a stack that was entirely built on free software.

The software I build is designed to solve real problems, and I am not afraid to build things others failed to do. When custom development is needed, I am good at identifying the key issues needing resolution in a project, so that we work efficiently toward production deployment.

Multi-disciplinary experience

No matter the problem you’re looking to solve, it is likely that I have relevant experience to draw from. I’ve worked on issues across all sorts of domains, from application optimization for high-performance computing systems to GPL compliance, and if I don’t know how to do something, I probably know who does.

This is why I really enjoyed my working relationship with Ariadne. I could have a mostly thought out idea, point directly to the code line(s) that disturbed or blocked my feeble abilities, and then magically stuff would work as I hoped or was told soundly my hopes were very misplaced. Always nice to get a reality check.

Aaron A. Glenn
Predicted Paths

Building things that might last

I work with customers to build software and infrastructure that is reliable and lasts. Nobody wants to be woken up at 3 AM to deal with an outage or other emergency. I can draw from significant experience doing incident response to ensure resiliency is baked into the project plan from day 1, so that you don’t have to waste money learning what others have already learned before you.

Elevating and mentoring your team

Based on my 15+ years experience working in free software as a maintainer, mentorship is a key skill I possess. I can work with your team to teach them how to work effectively with the free software community, including how to negotiate with maintainers and get patches upstream.

Working arrangement

In general, I work as an independent contractor, and may have multiple engagements in parallel. There is no employment relationship implied by any prospective engagement.

If you are engaging with me in the US, that means that my work is compensated under an IRS 1099 form, and that I should be classified as a supplier, not an employee.

If you are engaging with me in the Netherlands, services will be provided under a holding company, which will be established in the oncoming months. Services will be provided under a typical business-to-business relationship.

Besides this, I generally require that the work be done in public, under licenses approved by the Free Software Foundation, such as the GPL, Apache or BSD licenses. I do not sign broad non-disclosure agreements, and will not sign any NDA directly relating to publicly consumable output.

Getting in touch

If you believe I am a good fit for your needs, feel free to DM me on Twitter, or send me an e-mail at ariadne -at- dereferenced.org. If somehow, you got my telephone number, I do not accept unsolicited calls, please send me an e-mail at ariadne -at- dereferenced.org instead.