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On the bright side, even though the scripting language and APIs are atrocious, I really like Godot's editor. I suspect this is the main reason it's been more popular than projects like Panda3d.

Second Life's horrible scripting language was a lot of people's first programming language for a very similar reason. Composing scenes in code is extremely hard in any language (except maybe Racket). The logic is mostly just glue, and having a reasonable IDE that works out of the box is a huge help.

February 19, 2021 [04:19:18] by Charles U. Farley via

hmm, I thought LSL was not too bad, given the time constraints in which it was created. at that time, it was not so simple to just embed a scripting language in an app.

Godot has no excuses though -- they should be giving you real languages to work with instead o that GDScript thing.

February 19, 2021 [04:44:58] by Ariadne