Oracle cloud sucks

Update: Oracle have made this right, and I am in fact, now running production services on their cloud.  Thanks to Ross and the other Oracle engineers who reached out offering assistance.  The rest of the blog post is retained for historical purposes.

In my previous blog, I said that Oracle was the best option for cheap ARM hosting.

Yesterday, Oracle rewarded me for that praise by demonstrating they are, in fact, Oracle and terminating my account.  When I contacted their representative, I was told that I was running services on my instance not allowed by their policies (I was running a non-public IRC server that only connected to other IRC servers, and their policies did not discuss IRC at all) and that the termination decision was final.  Accordingly, I can no longer recommend using Oracle’s cloud services for anything – if you use their service, you are at risk of losing your hosting at any time, for any reason they choose to invent, regardless of whether you are a paying customer or not.

That leaves us with exactly zero options for cheap ARM hosting.  Hopefully Amazon will bring ARM options to Lightsail soon.